Орихалковая наковальня

  • Орихалковая наковальня

    Hello, everyone. i'm russian - you can see it from my name!

    I'm from russian wiki, and i think what it is second best wiki from terraria wikis made on wikia (wikiception). i am ready to tell you about russian wiki.
    let's get started!

    they are VERY different from your blogs. maybe, there are some blogs which are similliar to russian ones, but still.

    what's on recent blogs? ideas and stories. that's all. and maybe parodies, guides and facts.
    there are no polls (swaggins would dislike it) - they are at forum.
    there are no shops/sellouts - they are at special articles.
    there are no videos - they are at forum or articles.
    there are no questions - they are at forum.

    another detail what all blogs are big and readable. if you will notice a small and/or unr…

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