Hello, everyone. i'm russian - you can see it from my name!

I'm from russian wiki, and i think what it is second best wiki from terraria wikis made on wikia (wikiception). i am ready to tell you about russian wiki.
let's get started!


they are VERY different from your blogs. maybe, there are some blogs which are similliar to russian ones, but still.

what's on recent blogs? ideas and stories. that's all. and maybe parodies, guides and facts.
there are no polls (swaggins would dislike it) - they are at forum.
there are no shops/sellouts - they are at special articles.
there are no videos - they are at forum or articles.
there are no questions - they are at forum.

another detail what all blogs are big and readable. if you will notice a small and/or unreadable blog - it will get a template (this blog will be deleted after 1/2 days, if it won't get good opinions or it won't get fixed). VERY small blogs are getting deleted.

what about criticism of these blogs? it is much more severe - great in this (english) wiki is like bad or even awful in russian wiki.


This is how this picture looks like

what about achievement men? they're getting ban for 1/2 weeks for pure spam/flood/empty blogs, or for 1/3 days for very-very small blog. they also get locked profile page for 1 month with this picture in it.


Maybe, wikis only have one difference - russian wiki has patrolmen (something between normal users and admins), who can patrol pages, rollback and edit blog posts and locked pages (?).



they're turned on since may 31, 2013. what are the differences between achievements you had before turning off and russian ones? in november 9, 2013 we changed achievements' icons to 2nd version - they were just sprites. in january, 2014 we changed edit-achievements' icons to 3rd version - these were combination of sprites and tiles. you can see 3rd version on the right (for getting 50 edits, achievement called "Crystal Guide"). right now we are changing picture-achievements' icons.


images must be about terraria, exceptions are images for profile.


Who are the most important users in russian wiki? let me tell you names of them.

  • Westernbird - the most active administrator, but he is lazy, i don't know... he is only removing blogs and images, and sometimes edits pages, but! because of him, we don't have Big Letters (in russian language, big letters are only for some words and for first word in a sentence) and we have normal nice pages.
  • The_vm - a burecraut, but he isn't so active.
  • Demeitrij - the most active patrolman and user, but he isn't chat moderator (because he always breaks chat rules). In 1 month he edited like 500-1000 (or even bigger!) times.
  • White_torch - one of the patrolmen. he is also a chat moderator.
  • Msi1 - a chat moderator. he is always in chat (for chatlogs), but only 2-6 hours active in chat.
  • Dr.elisey - he was an admin, but he was banning for nothing, so the_vm removed his admin and banned him for 1 month. since then, he is only adding his fan-arts and ideas (he is #1 in drawing, with DevastoR).

1st april

We had "free version" joke. westernbird (?) wrote an article, where he wrote:
"Most of you asked for it, most of you download pirate versions... but now, free version of the game appeared! Developer himself said, what he will make a game free 1 day ago! And the most important - the game won't change! Developer has a lot of money to live a whole life, so the developer thought, what he need to make a game free. And he has a new project Pixel Piracy, which will give money to developer. Most of you asked - what will happen to those, who bought a game? Developer will give them additional features - for example, achievement, beta-version and/or get a golden carrot".

westernbird (?) also edited main page and news.
if you're going to download this, link will direct you to page will rickroll. this link still works.


this is where you can ask questions, post something interesting but small, and play some forum games. the most popular forum games are "3000 Monkeys" (right now we reached 3000 monkey and the game now called "Monkey from all the world, unite!"), "Break a Friend" (or how it is called?) and "You played Terraria too much, if you...".

Coming soon...