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DOCTOR BONES: Tracking down Doctor Bones

-Merca March 5, 2012 User blog:-Merca

Okay everybody this is my first blog and i thought it would be a good idea to help with something that i've been searching for in a while, my solution: as soon as a bloodmoon appears, hurry to the Surface Jungle , find a good spot and dig a hole 4 blocks deep, jump into it and block it off when you're in the hole. then drink a battle potion, and hold a water candle . what i did was that i removed one block of the hole's "roof" and started throwing spiky balls up so every zombie died when they got to the place where i dug the hole. i did this because no monsters will NOT spawn if there are too many on te screen already. i waited like 2 minutes while holding the Water Candle and throwing Spiky Balls up the little space and then he showed up. i did this the first time i used the EXACT same method as this one. (before i just ran from edge to edge of the Jungle and repeated, while holding a water candle . didn't help) i hope this might be of use. anyone who feels like it, share this with your friends if it works for you. if it haven't worked like... a lot of times in a row, then please tell me. add it to the page if it turns out to keep working (i'm a bit lazy)

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