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Hardmode Here I Come!

-Merca March 11, 2012 User blog:-Merca

so i finally got a hold on myself and beat WoF in my Singleplayer. i felt an epic selfsatisfaction. i went up for the first time in a hardmode singleplayer, and bought my favourite weapon, a shotgun. But, the satisfaction doesn't end here, as when i used 70 gold at the goblin tinkerer to reforge my shotgun... i FRIGGIN' get an UNREAL PREFIX ON THE FIRST TRY!!! and as i thought it couln't get any better, i find a TITAN GLOVE!!! my first mimic, 10 mins. after i bought and reforged my shotgun, and it dropped a titan glove! i hurried back up to reforge it, and i get the warding prefix on third try. i was lucky as hell. so i started using the faith in myself i retrieved, to trap the corruption between two hallowed forests. so now i have a shotgun that damages 21, and has insane knockback because of my titan glove. that's gonna pown all the knockback resistant enemies, like the heavy skeletons and possessed armor. now i have one question: does the hallow eat away corruption or in reverse? the latter would be very bad, as my house have corruption on either side, though a decent distance and my home is hallowed (thank nemesis for that) so i shouln't have problems if the corruption doesn't eat the hallow.

P.S. whenever i get hold on how to record in full screen, i'm gonna do a very effective part three of my money farming series here on my blog. so i'm gonna post the vid on a new blog post (if possible). however it might take a couple of weeks/months before i get to learn it. so check back after a decent amount of time. though i don't make any promises. as i've said before: i'm lazy as hell. and i've never made a video before. i'm only fourteen by the way.

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