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MONEY FARMING 2: The Eye of Cthulhu

-Merca March 8, 2012 User blog:-Merca

since the last Money Farming was a failure (it was in my eyes but some guys like it, and that's why i leave it there), i thought of making a new method. If you can make a Demon Eye farm (combined with water candle and Battle Potion) , you'll be able to get a lot of Lenses to create Suspecious Looking Eyes . BTW this is also a good way of getting black lenses for Sunglasses . anyways, if you have a decent armor and a ranged weapon (i use Molten Armor and Molten Fury) you should be able to kill him a couple of times per night. The reason for why it's best with The Eye of Cthulhu , is because it's the easiest boss, and it doesn't take long to get the material for the Suspecious Looking Eyes to summon him. i killed him six times in one night, but i stopped because the night was a "No Moon" (no moon was on the sky) so i couln't judge when the night would be over, and i wouldn't want The Eye of Cthulhu to flee. anyways, i got like 43 coins that night, from selling the Demonite it dropped + the gold coins it dropped.

Happy Night Ownage :D

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