27 is my favorite number

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  • 27 is my favorite number

    I was bored and had many ideas so I have decided to compile them here. They are small challenges but also playstyles. These are just basic guidelines; feel free to add more if you wish (armor/ tool limits, etc). Begin!

    1. Ballistics/ stuntman. Only weapons allowed are explosives, Molotov cocktails, and guns/rockets. This challenge will be tricky at the start but get easier as you go. Note that flare gun will count.

    2. Elemental. Gem staves, blade of grass, waterbolt, starfury, and any other weapons you can think of that involve the elements of water, earth, air, nature, and the heavens. The world is literally the limit. Chlorophyte and the Duke's drops will be your best friend!

    3. Ores, snores! No use of items that appear to be made of anythi…

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  • 27 is my favorite number

    I have seen many posts about how spectre healing set ruins the game, and nerfing by reducing dmg makes it just a bit more rubbish as an overall class (mages are supposed to be high DPS, low survivablity). So I thought of ideas for spectre that would not be so game breaking:

    1. Spectre looks ghostly. So why not an absorption effect? Say you do a certain amount of DPS, you become temp. invincible/ or projectiles aimed at you bounce off. The effect would only last for 3-5 secs, and would have a 10-15 sec countdown. Or something to help dodging, etc. Basically this part is for extra survivability through non "super-regen with Blizzard Staff/etc" effects. Something that requires you to have good attack power and general skill, which then rewards…

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  • 27 is my favorite number

    Another Idea! This one is a biome which would have conifers, treants, thieves, and thief outposts. A thief outpost would be a smallish bunker which is half above and half below ground. It would have banners and spawn thieves. Thieves would take money from you on hits, like a reverse Lucky Coin, and would have a chance to dodge attacks. There would be many varieties of thief, like Skeletons, and there would be Gunsmen with muskets. In the outposts there would be a chest with loot like money, throwing knives, brass knuckles (an accessory which would allow attack with anything you hold by right clicking. Or this could become a new form of weaponry, with it's own button), and thief armor, which would provide 2-5 def per piece, with movement an…

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  • 27 is my favorite number

    I have a cool biome idea. It would be a new mainly pre hardmode infective 'anti-evil' from the Crimson and Corruption, which would have a chance to go with said evil on a world It would be a technical biome or chemical infected one. The ore would be aluminium.

    The armor could give a chance for a stun attack set bonus.

    Aluminium bars and tools would be titanium white with red or black details, and would have very space age gear to comply with this theme.

    The gun for the biome would shoot homing projectiles as a normal bullet replacement, however it would have a very low dmg/shoot speed to compensate.

    The magic weapon could be laser eyes - by pressing left or right and down whilst equipping the laser eyes (it would still be a weapon you out in h…

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