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Spectre ideas

I have seen many posts about how spectre healing set ruins the game, and nerfing by reducing dmg makes it just a bit more rubbish as an overall class (mages are supposed to be high DPS, low survivablity). So I thought of ideas for spectre that would not be so game breaking:

1. Spectre looks ghostly. So why not an absorption effect? Say you do a certain amount of DPS, you become temp. invincible/ or projectiles aimed at you bounce off. The effect would only last for 3-5 secs, and would have a 10-15 sec countdown. Or something to help dodging, etc. Basically this part is for extra survivability through non "super-regen with Blizzard Staff/etc" effects. Something that requires you to have good attack power and general skill, which then rewards you with defense-style boons.

2.Ectoplasm imbuement. Kind of a new debuff that makes weak enemies ally to you. 10-20% of attacks would turn an enemy you hit with <your current life attack others. I see the weakness of this in boss battles, however, so i may change this part. debuff and effect style effects.

3.Ghostly assistant. A double of you that shoots a weaker version of your projectiles (magic-only) from 

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