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I felt like submitting a little questionnaire for you guys to fill out in the comments. This is all about your likes and dislikes in Terraria!

How it works:

On a line, after the colon, place your answer to whatever question it is and why.

Simple enough, eh?

Here's the blank template for you to copy-paste into your comment:

  • Favorite boss:
  • Least favorite boss:
  • Favorite monster:
  • Least favorite monster:
  • Favorite weapon:
  • Least favorite weapon:
  • Favorite accessory:
  • Least favorite accessory:
  • Favorite area:
  • Least favorite area:
  • Reason you play Terraria:

I've also put my questionnaire right here.

652Graystripe's questionnaire

  • Favorite boss: Skeletron Prime. Though it provided a little bit of a challenge, it didn't scare me to my roots like some other bosses did. I had a lot of fun fighting it, while not going into "godlike-unkillable-I'm-the-boss" mode like I did with the Eater of Worlds.
  • Least favorite boss: I would have to say the Brain of Cthulhu. I got the cold shakes after fighting it, it scared me so much. However, its defeat propelled me on a career toward Skeletron, which helped me grow confidence. Plus I hate that they used Boss 3 for it.
  • Favorite monster: I'd have to say my favorite monster is the Diabolist. I always kind of liked the Dungeon monsters, but after Silver's moving story about Ignis, I like them even more. Except when they wreck me.
  • Least favorite monster: Face Monster. They killed me so many times when I first went to the Crimson. Plus, they're a bit disgusting, and their new 1.2.4 sounds freak me out so bad.
  • Favorite weapon: I'd have to say the Death Sickle. Seeing me through Skeletron Prime and about 29/30ths of the way through Plantera, this powerful scythe is one of my all-time favorites.
  • Least favorite weapon: Most of you know my absolute hatred of the Wasp Gun, as detailed in my comic: "Let's add 8 damage to the Bee Gun and market it as end-game!"
  • Favorite accessory: Spectre Boots, definitely. They have remained in my accessory slot from just before the Wall of Flesh (when I first heard of them and realized I had the ingredients) to present-day, about to take down Plantera. Without them, I wouldn't've survive the Underground Crimson, Hallow, Jungle and Hardmode Dungeon so early in Hardmode.
  • Least favorite accessory: For some reason, the Mechanical Glove rubs me the wrong way. I think it should be crafted with a Destroyer Emblem and be buffed a bit.
  • Favorite area: I have to say my favorite area in Terraria is the Dungeon, especially after Hardmode. Accounting for 15 out of my 25-odd deaths in Terraria, this area's creatures and loot strike my fancy.
  • Least favorite area: I have to say I hate the Crimson. Hate it. I hate its theme, I hate its music, I hate its monsters, I hate all it stands for. It accounts for about 8 of my 25-odd deaths in Terraria.
  • Reason I play Terraria: Terraria is a sandbox/action game, where you can plot your own course and customize your world for your needs. I like autonomy in my games, and don't much like following a set course. Terraria's variety is one thing that gets me too.

Thank you, and until next time!

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