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Weapon Tutorials - Razorpine

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Weapon Tutorials is a series SilverHexxitFights and 652Graystripe will be working on for a while! It focuses on taking one weapon of Terraria that one of us is extremely good at using, and telling you how to use it in a PvP situation. If you wish to suggest a weapon, tell us in the comments.



Dubbed the "murderpine" by our interviewee, the Razorpine is a very viable magic weapon. But let's hand the wheel to SlayerOfTheBad for the interview!

652Graystripe: So, Slayer, good to have you!

SlayerOfTheBad: :D I love to help.

652Graystripe: My first question, just to give our viewers some background: How do you get the Razorpine?

SlayerOfTheBad: You get it by killing the Everscream in the Frost Moon, which is summoned by a Naughty Present after 7:30 PM in-game time.

652Graystripe: So that'll be a hard-to-get weapon, eh?

SlayerOfTheBad: It is, especially since it has a very low drop rate and the Everscream is a pretty hard boss.

652Graystripe: Ah. Is it worth the grind?

SlayerOfTheBad: It sure is! This thing helped me through the rest of Hardmode, from farming Paladins to killing Duke Fishron! It's great for the Pallys because it shoots so fast.

652Graystripe: Sounds great! Are there any issues with it?

SlayerOfTheBad: Well, the short range can get annoying, but overall not really, since you can use the arc to your advantage.

652Graystripe: Good way to compensate for its weaknesses? How accurate is it?

SlayerOfTheBad: It's accurate to a spread of only like five degrees in total, so really accurate.

652Graystripe: That's good. I hate having to shoot five times to kill one monster :P. Your best advice against the Razorpine?

SlayerOfTheBad: Long range. Its short range is one of its only weaknesses.

652Graystripe: What happens if you get within short range? What can you do then?

SlayerOfTheBad: You get wrecked like Duke Fishron on a guy with no armor ;). Or you can use the Star Veil or Cross Necklace to avoid getting hit as often by its 10 million shots per second.

652Graystripe: That thing could mount incredible DPS on you... you'd have to make sure you hit more often than it hit you, am I right?

SlayerOfTheBad: Well, hitting faster than the Razorpine is impossible, unless you use the Blizzard Staff, and it isn't the best in PvP. The Chain Gun would be slower, since the Razorpine shoots 2-3 needles at once.

652Graystripe: I see. Well, thank you, Slayer! I learned a lot, and had fun doing it!

SlayerOfTheBad: You're welcome, and I was glad to help!

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