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    So, My goblin Tinkerer got killed by wizards during a goblin invasion...big deal. He'll respawn. He respawns outside of my house and got killed by zombies. Now, he doesn't even show up on my housing list and he won't respaw...has this happened to anyone else?

    EDIT: After returning to the place I first found him tied up in, he respawned. No idea why, but he did.

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  • Alakar Voidus

    Water glitch?

    December 8, 2011 by Alakar Voidus


    So, I'm digging a hellivator, and I fall into a pool of water...and as I dig down through the bottom of it, the water doesn't fall like it should...I even tried jumping back into the water and swimming around

    . Nope. The water still hung there...WTF?

    EDIT: It happened again! Still no idea why...

    EDIT2: Liquids aren't moving at all...

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  • Alakar Voidus


    December 7, 2011 by Alakar Voidus

    Considering making a youtube video describing some simple machines you can use in your home...

    EDIT: Done! I'll have more Terraria videos out as I make more, so subscribe or something! I promise to never let youtube add ads to my videos, no matter how much money they offer :p

    Here's a link!

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