No, I'm not Japanese. I'm Chinese. Ish.


So, hi :)

I've never actually done blogs and stuff, so I guess I'll just introduce myself.

I'm Antinoch. I'm 15. I'm Chinese. I'm short. This is going well, isn't it?

Anyways. I like to talk about stuff that ticks me off. So here's some stuff.

First off: People with no common sense or logic or are just so stubborn and stupid at the same time that they make stupid or illogical comments and defend them to the death. Mostly on the Minecraft Suggestion Forums. But yeah.

Second. People who say Terraria is like Minecraft or is 2D Minecraft or is a Minecraft clone. Because it isn't. I don't want to get started on this topic because I don't want to write the next edition of the Encyclopedia Brittanica, so... basically, pray that I don't catch you saying Terraria is like Minecraft. Because I am good at annoying people and winning arguments. Trust me. Want proof? Look at what happened to the last 3 people who tried to argue with me on Minecraft. Hint: One got banned and the other 2 never logged on again.

Did I mention I really like Minecraft? And Terraria?

So, yeah. +1 badge.