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    Defeating Bosses

    June 22, 2014 by Arman21

    On this post I will tell you how to defeat bosses.


    Eye Of Cthulhu

    Eye Of Cthulhu (EoC) is considered the easies boss of them all.I recommend using:

    • Ebonwood/Shadewood/Cactus Armor or Higher
    • Any Spear
    • Shurikens (Around 100 of 'em)
    • 5 lesser healing potions


    • Grendes (Be Careful)


    • Ironskin Potion (Optional)
    • Regeneration  Potion

    An arena should be 3 rows of platforms,5 blocks above eachother,about 20-25 blocks lenght.

    He can be summoned with a Suspicious Looking Eye,which can be crafted with 6 lens at a Demon/Crimson Altar

    This Boss can only be summoned (and fought) at night (Night starts at 7:30 PM and ends at 4:30 AM (Don't shoot me if I'm Wrong)

    I suggest throwing Shurikens when he is above you in the first phase.

    In the second phase…

    Read more >

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