aka Artūrs

  • I live in Latvia, Carnikava
  • I was born on March 24
  • My occupation is student
  • I am male
  • Arturs167

    New NPC's

    February 11, 2012 by Arturs167

    I have an idea of some new NPC's. I hope these ideas will be added to Terraria:)

    Ok, lets start the first idea i had was companion he would follow you and you would be able to equip him with weapons, armor and accessories and maybe give him items for carrying if for example you need more space for ores or basicly ANYTHING.You would be able to get it by finding him in the dungeon, in a cell.

    The second idea i had would be Warrior it is possible to get him by having a warriors emblem. You would be able to buy health potions and seeds. As he's appearence he would wear shadow armor. Can be called for battle with a war horn he uses a night's edge. And if attacked by a monster he would fight back, and if any other monster attacks any NPC he would ki…

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  • Arturs167

    Fighting curruption

    February 10, 2012 by Arturs167

    Fighting curruption has some tactics which will be writed down here:

    Going ahead the corruption and hallow a small place. Hallow can stop corruption and spread on the other side while it can be a way to stock up some pixie dust if you use holy water.

    (The following tactic is used only if you want to stop monsters from spawning on the surface.) As corrupt monsters will spawn only from Ebonstone, Ebonsand or corrupt grass, you can hallow the surface using Holy Water and be sure to hit any thorns as thorns can spread corruption even if hallow is near.

    (The fallowing tactic is used to make it easier fighting corruption.) This is a primitive and yet simple way of making this all easier: first close all the chasms with something un-corruptable, one b…

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  • Arturs167

    Mod idea

    February 8, 2012 by Arturs167

    I have an idea for an new mod or possibly for a future update for terraria.I hope you will comment and say your toughts

    The idea is pretty cool and the mod I tought of will be BIOME WARS the name explains everything for example hallow against corruption, jungle against dessert the only neutral would be grass.the idea is simple every biome has some troops like for instance corruption has corruptor but maybe hallow should like have a hallower ( not the real name just idea) and they would attack each other like maybe shooting lasers or maybe arrows or some magic things.

    And you would be able to get loyalty points ( or something like that ) for instance killing a corruptor will give you +10 hallow faction points but -10 corruption faction points a…

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