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aka Dovahkiin

  • I live in Hanover
  • I was born on October 5
  • My occupation is Being Really, Really Awesome
  • I am A Gamer, probably the best.
  • AwesomeDaxter

    Please help!!!

    January 16, 2012 by AwesomeDaxter

    Hey everyone, i really need some help right now. I have been repeatedly killing the WoF to get every special item that he drops, and something may have screwed up: i killed him for about the tenth time the other day, and my guide wouldnt respawn. i logged on again today, and my guide STILL won't respawn, even after 2-3 terraria days.... Please guys i really need some help here... mainly because i am still missing the laser rifle. (and i suck at remebering crafting recipes)

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  • AwesomeDaxter

    Hey, i was just wondering if anyone else was having problems with steam, i just updated it and now i can't open it... as far as i know this happens sometimes, but i just want to make sure that its not just me.

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  • AwesomeDaxter

    What do i do next??

    January 5, 2012 by AwesomeDaxter

    I killed the wall of flesh, and now i'm not too sure what i have to do next. I've gone down into the underworld and collected every shadow chest, i've gotten a whole bunch of the 3 new ores, made some new weapons, and gotten every new NPC. i am definetly not ready for any hardmode bosses, but i fell like i should start killing them now. what do i do next??

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