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  • Badass366

    Good and Bad of Terraria

    September 30, 2013 by Badass366

    Hello, fellow users of Terraria Wiki.

    What are the good aspects and features of the game? What are the bad things?

    Plz write a comment on what you think.

    In my opinion, Terraria is better than most games because there are more features in it. Minecraft has very little, thus making it a very monotonous game( no offence to Minecraft Lovers). There are many different biomes and monsters, making it even more difficult than Minecraft. There are a lot of bosses in Terraria,mw high makes it better.

    I think the bad features of this game is that in The IOS version, sometimes it will result in a crash, which is very annoying for the players. The worlds are short, the map has to extend more. There should be a bit more monsters and armies, making it a bit…

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