Hello, fellow users of Terraria Wiki.

What are the good aspects and features of the game? What are the bad things?

Plz write a comment on what you think.

In my opinion, Terraria is better than most games because there are more features in it. Minecraft has very little, thus making it a very monotonous game( no offence to Minecraft Lovers). There are many different biomes and monsters, making it even more difficult than Minecraft. There are a lot of bosses in Terraria,mw high makes it better.

I think the bad features of this game is that in The IOS version, sometimes it will result in a crash, which is very annoying for the players. The worlds are short, the map has to extend more. There should be a bit more monsters and armies, making it a bit more difficult. There should be also other biomes too( there is one coming out soon):D.

Terraria is a very addictive, fun game that is like no other. But it also has a little bad features in it, in which my opinion should be fixed. I recommend it to future players as it isn't as boring as Minecraft, and there are much more features.

If you want to play a similar game like this i would recommend "Junk Jack". I think you need to pay $5, and i think its only for IOS version.

Thanks for reding this blog post.