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Terraria Ps Vita/Ps3 Trophies H4H!

Black3004 January 27, 2014 User blog:Black3004

Hey guys i'm a pretty experienced terraria player on pc, and right now i'm trying to earn the platinum of the ps3/ps vita version.

I need help for some trophies, and if you need too i'll be glad to pay back! Does someone of you guys already have all the pets, the mining pants, or a more then 50% corrupted/hallowed world? I think that i can handle all the other trophies... 

Anyway, if you need help defeating every boss of the game, or you need something that i could help you with, just ask me on my ps account!

Write on the friendship request that you are there for terraria, or i won't accept it!

My ps account is: legge118

Thanks in advance!

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