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Minecraft is terrible

I'm am personally sick and tired of Minecraft. Every time I want to see a terraria video what do I get? Minecraft. It's pushing Terraria out of the way. So here are my reasons why you would play terraria, starbound or The Blockheads instead of minecraft. I'm sorry if I offend anyone. If I have to I'll make it more toned down rant.

1.Durablity: Why should a sword, an axe, a shovel, a pickaxe, a bow have uses? Terraria doesn't have that. Want to know why? It's ridiculous how much praise this game gets. I recommend playing terraria, starbound, the blockheads FTW!

2.Bosses:Enderdragon and Wither that's all. Starbound has 4. Blockheads doesn't have any sadly. Terraria has 11 bosses.

3.Charcter Design: Terraria has make your own avatar. Blockheads lets you choose. Starbound has you choose a race. Minecraft has go to a skin editor and if you don't have a skin you are automatically the default.

4.2d Sidescroller FTW! Blockheads, Starbound and Terraria are 2D games. I personally love 2D games. I'm not saying 3D isn't good but I'm more of a 2D sidescroller person.

5.XP: This is useless why do I need XP? I seriously think that this is useless. Why not have a level up design. For Example: if you get to level 5 you can unlock new things for you character. But nooo... they have stupid enchanting.

6. It's a copy: It is but sure does have a heck of a lot more things than minecraft!

What do you think?

Again, I'm sorry if I've offended anyone I'm sincere about that. (no sarcasm)

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