WOF analysis

This guide should help you go to hardmode

The Fight: Melee:Bring a Minishark with 4 stacks of meteor or sliver bullets, Night's Edge, grenades and 30 healing potions and buffs *Bring Space Gun* Mages: Bring Mythical Demon Scythe, Mana Potions, Magic Power Potions, 30 healing potions. Rangers: Minishark same as melee, Space Gun (if you run out of ammo),30 healing potions. I recommend Necro Armor

Preparation: Get a bunch of sand for glass and turn them into bottles. Kill EOC about 7-10 times for gold coins to buy the Minishark from the Arms Dealer. Get grenades from the demolitionist these are used to kill the hungry minions that wall has attached to it. Build a platform going from beginning to the end of the underworld.

The WOF: 8000 health Damage Melee:50 Damage Ranged:11, 12 , 13 ,14, 15 Defense:12 (mouth) 0 (eyes)

The hungry: Health 250 (connected) 80 (disconnected) Defense 10, 20, 30, 40, Depends on the wall's health Attack 30, 45, 60, 75 Depends on wall's health

If you cant afford minishark get a phoenix blaster. TerrariaMcSwaggin's Suggestion

Now go kill the wall! (I recommend Necro Armor for rangers) Mage Or Melee users use molten!