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  • BladeOfSillyShadows42

    Hi Its me again. Just Wanting to know to all admins that i have found a bug which is that if you put an already recorded music box on a workbench it will DUPLICATE Infinite.

    Thx For your time reading this :)

    P.s YOU ROCK I cant wait for an XBOX game of Terraria to be An amazing FUTURE SUCCESSFUL GAME :D

    P.s.s What are badges for and what do the points mean?

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  • BladeOfSillyShadows42

    Hello Im new to this website as I have just signed up 5 mins ago and will be thrilled to talk and help about the things and happenings in terraria. My Idea for the Future OF Our Terraria (FOOT) would be if all the monsters would have sound effects like grunts and scary squeals or something like that and if you would add a type of wall and brick that would be so powerful it would protect you and your NPC's from damage Bosses like Eye of Cthulhu and Burrowing enemies from damage like Devourer and to simply make those baddies go in the opposite direction from where they were levitationg and or digging from under your house. All of which I mean by Huge Knockback. Since this might disinterest alot of people and the terraria developers, I think …

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