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  • Blanzer


    August 28, 2012 by Blanzer

    Suggestions of Terraria

    For people to suggest things of terraria with other people and share your ideas!

    I am NOT in any way making terraria. This was a topic made to share your ideas.

    They most likely will NOT come true, unless some luck is built into your body.

    This was made protected to make the post a CHAT FORUM POST.

    But still. This is very fun to share your ideas with others.

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  • Blanzer

    My Goodbye To The Wikia

    July 11, 2012 by Blanzer

    I am sorry to say this, but I am leaving. The Wikia is now a mod database. I am sorry, but this is not the place for me. I am sorry to all who needed me, but I doubt anybody did, and this is why I don't care about leaving. Goodbye, and.. bye.

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  • Blanzer

    I will pay a bunch for every item.

    I want Pwnhammer, will range from 25-150 platinum coins.

    I want a blessed ore item. The price will range.

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  • Blanzer

    Hello, and welcome to the guide, in which will teach you how to clean, and relieve yourself .

    First, you might want to make an Anvil. Then, you should make a Bathroom. Atleast a moderate amount of space will do, Silver Brick and Silver Brick Wall do the job in decorating the best.Then, at your Anvil , place 20 Iron Bars , and craft the Toilet and Bathtub. You can now place them in your new bathroom. You can now relieve yourself. The end. You can now stop holding it, and let it loose. You could also take a Bath from digging up alot of Dirt, in which you must be very itchy.

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  • Blanzer

    Guide by Enzeru Kagai

    July 20, 2011 by Blanzer

    Opening: Hello everyone, I'm Enzeru Kagai, Lord of Terraria's Firey Underworld. But enough jokes, I'm here on serious business. I've read this wiki several times over for this, that and the other thing for help on what to do where to go next how to do this and that and it gets rather confusing. For an example, I had found a Demon Altar and didn't know what it was for several days because it wasn't in a Corruption area and no where near Ebon Stone or other such things. On that note, this is completely open. I have not mastered Terraria and openly welcome help, this guide is to help us all survive and get to the high tiers. If people could add pictures I'd appreciate it, I dont have the ability to do so personally, and any corrections put in…

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