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  • BluGalaxian

    I tried posting comments on some terraria wiki pages but every time i click the "post comment" button my comment dis-appears. I'm trying to comment for like 2 weeks now and i have to ask:

    Am i banned? Is my internet connection low? Is there a bug on the wiki? Someone please answer!

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  • BluGalaxian

    Ok so i'm building a farm and there are few things i wanna know related with buffs and debuffs

    Monster spawn rate:

    Will the Monster spawn rate increase if i have the Battle Potion buff + Water Candle debuff + Blood Moon???

    Also for some safety i need healing:

    Will the life regeneration increase if i have the Palladium Armor + Heart Lantern + Honey (standing in the liquid) + Campfire + Regeneration potion?

    The point of this blog is a question: Do buffs stack on each other? Or can only one be active at the time when talking with same variety buffs?

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  • BluGalaxian

    Is this a wiki bug?

    October 24, 2013 by BluGalaxian

    When i was editing the Mummy Outfit wiki i noticed there is double "rare items" tag. Not sure if bug or something else?

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  • BluGalaxian

    I need help with tags

    October 22, 2013 by BluGalaxian

    I noticed that many wikis that have tags "Furniture" or "Crafting stations" dont have "Blocks" tags so i thought of something:

    TAG: "Blocks"

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  • BluGalaxian

    When i go to the dungeon i sometimes find a water bolt on shelfs and i just pick it up, but is there any way to put spell  books back to shelfs (Water Bolt, Crystal storm, Demon Scythe...)?

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