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Cat Master November 24, 2011 User blog:Cat Master
I ain't posting too much details or photos, I'm just blurting out weapons and
The monado by blue cup-d3o0303

The Monado, as seen from Xenoblade.

objects to see what you think of them.

Link's Sword (Or the Master Sword)

The Monado (The sword from Xenoblade, look it up. Sorry, I'm a Japanese game hipster.)

Proximity/Time mines.

A Fez. (To complete The Doctor's outfit.) Crossbow or Bowgun (From the Monster Hunter series) (The difference from bows would be that the arrows fired wouldn't be affected by gravity, higher damage etc etc.)

Chainsword. ('Cause Phaseblades ain't messy enough!)

Craftable simple guns and ammo. (Instead of refining weaker bullets.)

Cthulhu (Boss, obviously.)

Russian Army Outfit.

A special gun that only fires special ammo.




More NPCS (Sword and Armor dealer, material dealer etc)

Zipline. (to reach floating Islands and to get back down quicker.)

Aaaaaaaand so on...

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