• Chocolatey

    Alright, so this is a little book, about how Miley Cyrus became the Twerkin' Hillbilly she is today!

    Day 1: 

    It was a weird day, a day, when a girl woke up when she was standing, and found her long brown hair had been traded for a Macklemore hairdo. There were plenty of trees, and the land was free and rich. "TIME FOR ME TO RUIN THIS BEAUTIFUL FOREST TO MAKE MYSELF A HOUSE!!!" she screamed. As she builded the house, a guy came up to her, his name was Kyle. "WHO ARE YOOOOU?!" she screamed. "Kyle". The man had a calm voice. Miley whispered to herself, saying "That name sounds familiar". As she built the house, Kyle moved in immediately to the house, and so the first night began.

    It was horrifying. The former Disney star was trapped with a rando…

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