So I was looking at all the statues that produce stuff when I found out goldfish sell for 2 silver each. Score. After hunting through 3 or 4 maps to find a couple more statues, I setup a small but extremely efficient way to farm goldfish for money.

I posted a picture of it in the generator page, but it was changed and I don't feel like getting into an edit war so I figured I would post how I did it somewhere that everyone can see what I want to say.

Goldfish Trap

My basic setup

This first picture is what I started out with and it was pretty great. the crabs and pirahnas kill all the goldfish so that you don't really need any arrow traps to do anything. it can collect 3 fish per second if all is working perfectly.

Advanced setup1

My more advanced setup of the goldfish killer.

This next picture is what I came up with when I found a 4th statue to collect goldfish. This one requires more explaining due to the game mechanics of generators. The statues can only produce 3 of any monster at the same time. so if they were wired together, the top one doesn't always produce anything. With it on a different switch and timer, you can offset when you click the second one and it will produce 100% of the time, because the bottom 3 fish will already be dead.

Ther top statues are bat/goldfish/bat and the bottom are pirahna/crab/3x goldfish/crab. This is so that it can produce 3 killing monsters on top and 3 killing monsters on bottom.

The numbers i came up with by calculation and observation: perfectly running it should produce 4 goldfish/sec a stack in about 33 secs, and fill your inventory in 12.4 mins (not including hotbar). this means about 29k silver per hour, or 2.9 platinum. In actuality it's a little less, it took about 12min 30 secs to fill 30 slots, just shy of perfect.

The statue is there so I can wire it to a switch to summon someone to sell the fish so that I don't have to stop filling my inventory. Inneficcient my butt....