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Hey guys, it's me again commander penguin just making a shout out to all them Terraria noobs. I'd like to give you

some advice i was once a noob now i am a TANK. And i still haven't mastered the game. My advice is:

  1. Keep visiting wikis such as this one there a huge help!
  2. Always try to start off new games with friends unless you get that weird "i wanna lone wolf it" feeling.
  3. Start slow and as u progress and have a house and have the neccasary things to survive then you want to start going for better armor and items and potions and bosses and things like that.

Leave a comment below if you have any further advice toward them noobs out there. And if u are a noob and have any ?'s comment i'll respond not like i got anything else better to do anyway.

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