• ConveX

    Dragon's Tooth Mod

    July 1, 2012 by ConveX

    This is my First mod so far, what it does is adds a new Sword into the game called: Dragon's Tooth. The sword can be a little tricky to craft but should be well worth it as a fun little playtoy.


    • Redid Recipe to a more "Balanced" version.
    • Added "Strong Skeleton" NPC (Drops 3 Bones to make crafting Easier)
    • Added "Strong Skeleton Potion" (Summons Strong Skeleton)


    • Changed To New Recipe
    • Modified Damage
    • Made Sword More "Bone Like"
    • Added an Additonal Buff "Cursed Inferno" 1/5 chance (Can stack with On Fire!)

    The Crafting Recipe for the sword is:

    • 3 Bones
    • 1 Ruby
    • Crafted at a Hellforge ( You can obtain them from the Underworld with a hammer)

    The Crafting Recipe for the potion is:

    • 1 Mushroom
    • 1 Glowing Mushroom
    • 1 Rotten Chunk

    You need to be near water to cra…

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