ConveX's Dragon's Tooth (Sword) Mod

This is my First mod so far, what it does is adds a new Sword into the game called: Dragon's Tooth. The sword can be a little tricky to craft but should be well worth it as a fun little playtoy.



  • Redid Recipe to a more "Balanced" version.
  • Added "Strong Skeleton" NPC (Drops 3 Bones to make crafting Easier)
  • Added "Strong Skeleton Potion" (Summons Strong Skeleton)


  • Changed To New Recipe
  • Modified Damage
  • Made Sword More "Bone Like"
  • Added an Additonal Buff "Cursed Inferno" 1/5 chance (Can stack with On Fire!)

Crafting Recipes

The Crafting Recipe for the sword is:

  • 3 Bones
  • 1 Ruby
  • Crafted at a Hellforge ( You can obtain them from the Underworld with a hammer)

The Crafting Recipe for the potion is:

  • 1 Mushroom
  • 1 Glowing Mushroom
  • 1 Rotten Chunk

You need to be near water to craft this item but you don't need a bottle, the skeleton looks the same as an Armored Skeleton because i'm not very good at drawing, it may be a little buggy in it's animation (new to coding) but I will work on it :)
The sword itself does Moderate damage and has a 1/3 chance of setting enemies on fire. (hence the name Dragon's Tooth) and a 1/5 chance of debuffing enemies with Cursed Inferno, these effects can stack.


(I am assuming you already have TConfig and Terraria Game Launcher Installed)
  1. Download and Run the mod installer here:
  2. Run Terraria and select your TConfig
  3. Go into the menu's Settings Tab and select Dragon's Tooth ON
  4. Run the game and Enjoy!

Contact Me

If you have any Questions or Queries about my Mods or if you would like to join my modding team then send an e-mail to me at:
Please keep in mind not to spam or grief this address, Thanks.

Digital Artist Wanted!

Because i'm not great at digital "pixel" art i'm looking for someone who would want to join the team as a secondary "pixel artist"


  • Must be able to use programs such as Paint.NET or Photoshop etc.
  • Must have time to spare drawing pictures

If you are interested in a position please e-mail me at the address above. :D