• CopperCookie

    Apocalypse Mod: Items

    October 29, 2013 by CopperCookie

    This is the Items portion of the planning of the Apocalypse Mod. This includes the materials, blocks (yeah, they count as items now), weapons, tools, accesories etc.

    Means repeat aloud from memory. Drops from the Scraemr. They are white and are used in multiple spells and some Cloudium items.

    Means setting something on flames. Drops from the Pryo. They are bright red and are used in all types of fiery weapons.

    Means being nasty or malicious. Also means feeling the need of seeing other suffer or as a verb to hurt others feeling. Quite nasty huh? Drops from the Blihgt. They are ugly brownish green coloured and used in unusual accessories and items.

    Means arousing a feeling or raising to a higher energy field. Dropped from the main boss The Bring…

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  • CopperCookie

    Hard Mode Bosses

    October 27, 2013 by CopperCookie

    Hey there, CopperCookie here.

    Me and my little brother have done quite good on a server. I have full Orichalium Armor and my little brother has full set of Palladium Armor. We have weapons like Cutlass, 5 Light Discs, Crystal Storm etc.

    We've already destoryed the Destroyer (how ironic!), but what should we destroy next? We've tried Plantera twice, but we've only gotten it to about 66% of it's health gone. Are the Twins easier? And what tips could you give us against the Plantera to win it easy?

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  • CopperCookie

    Apocalypse Mod: NPCs

    October 21, 2013 by CopperCookie

    All NPCs can be housed in the Apocalypse like the normal ones can be in the normal world. After the Bringer has been destroyed, they will all move into the normal world if you have housing for them.

    The Rebellion is the Guide in the Apocalypse. He will spawn right next to the portal that you come out of in the Apocalypse. The first thing he will always say, is: "Woah! Who are you? Can you help us? Really? Great!".

    After that he says random things, and there are three buttons in his speech bubble:

    • Tip - Same function as with the Guide, but about Apocalypse stuff
    • Close - Closes the bubble
    • Help - When clicked, the Rebellion will tell you tips how to get to Bringer and how to defeat him. If you have already done a certain thing, he wont say that. I…

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  • CopperCookie

    Apocalypse Mod: Mobs

    October 18, 2013 by CopperCookie

    This is the Mobs-portion of the Apocalypse mod idea. All specific information about mobs can be found here.


    Every mob has a picture and an information box. First text tells about their movement and attacking patterns, tactics against them, rare drops etc. and the second one tells some trivia, history and behaviour.

    A ghost-like enemy that spawns in The Ruin. It can pass through blocks. It's appearance and attack style is much like the Wraith. Has a 1/200 change of dropping the Ancient Sword. If you stay on the move, Ancient Spirits can't get you. However, since the Ruin has a lot of small corridors and there can be debris on your way, it's best to kill them as fast as you simply can.

    • The Ancient Spirits are…

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  • CopperCookie

    "Apocalypse. The end of the world. Armageddon. Nothing to do. No way to stop it. It just happens, comes on it's own. Or at least we thought so, until we got to know about The Bringer. He started this, and you got to stop it."

    -The Rebellion NPC

    NOTENOTENOTE!!! - This is an overall blog post of the mod. It consist of the links (that are still all wip) and the main idea/sotry explanation.


    The Apocalypse is a mod that's mainly just planned, and I have no plans of coding it (altrough I will make textures, even if it's never going to be brought to life with code). Anyway, I have huge plans for this mod. The main thing is, that it creates a whole new dimension. Not a bio…

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