"Apocalypse. The end of the world. Armageddon. Nothing to do. No way to stop it. It just happens, comes on it's own. Or at least we thought so, until we got to know about The Bringer. He started this, and you got to stop it."

-The Rebellion NPC

NOTENOTENOTE!!! - This is an overall blog post of the mod. It consist of the links (that are still all wip) and the main idea/sotry explanation.


The Apocalypse - The Idea and Story

The Apocalypse is a mod that's mainly just planned, and I have no plans of coding it (altrough I will make textures, even if it's never going to be brought to life with code). Anyway, I have huge plans for this mod. The main thing is, that it creates a whole new dimension. Not a biome - a dimension. The Apocalypse.

So, the main idea is, that there is a world, a world that is a lot like the normal world where you live in. That world is in peril, and you can create a portal to go there, and to stop it. The other world is called The Secondary, whileas the people in that world call the normal world The Primary. In ancient times, people of The Primary found a new place in Terraria - which they called The Secondary. They used the mixture of magic and technology, and created a portal to go in this new world, and to search and conquer the mysteries and wonders of The Secondary.

But the portal was a prototype, and did not quite work as hoped. The portal could transport anything in The Secondary, but only noise could come back. Thus, the people and objects that went through the portal were trapped there in The Secondary. They could communicate next to the portal, since voice could travel through the dismensions, but The Secondary was a dangerous place. A lot more dangerous than the Corruption, Crimson and the Underworld combined. It was pure horror.

The people who invented the portal wouldn't send more humans into the depths of The Secondary, because the ones that were there told, that there were dangerous, hideous mosters lying all over the place. And at some point, the portal was closed, because it was believed, that the monsters could get past it into the Primary. The people, who went through, but couldn't come back, started calling themselves the Secondarians. The ones who were smart and lucky enough to survive the monsters started colonies in The Secondary, and they started a whole new society, hiding from the monsters, slowly repopulating and becoming hundreds from a few, and within decades there were already thousand of them. They were raised and teached to beware and kill the monsters that lied in the world of The Secondary.

And now, about a thousand years later, there's you. Happily living with your non-playable friends in a big house full of loot and strong weapons and tools. You hear a faint scream: "The apocalypse is here!" and you wonder what's going on...

In the game

The apocalypse has a 20% change of beginning every day after you've won all the metallic Hard Mode bosses. These include The Destroyer, The Twins and Skeletron Prime. When it arrives, a text saying: "The apocalypse is shredding another world..." will arrive, and somewhere above the ground (in a place where there's no other special things i.e. the Dungeon), The Ruin will spawn. The entrance of the ruin is collapsed, and you might have to dig through it. After the entrance, there is a way that leads underground and after that, one big hall with three ancient gold chests full of gold and some very effective late-game weapons for you to fight in The Secondary. There are also a lot of ancient furniture, that looks very stylish. There are random dungeon-like tunnels and rooms around the ruin, and they can have more gold chests and furniture in them. There are only one type of enemy in the ruin, called the Ancient Spirit (see later on).

Somewhere in the ruin, there is another hall that is quite big. In the middle of it, there is an unbreakable item called The Broken Portal - the same portal the ancient people used. To repair it, you need a wide load of items, and a few of them can only be found in the ruins. Once it's repaired (see how later on), you can enter the Secondary, or actually The Apocalypse. The Secondary is a world much like the Primary, but with mostly dark green, black or red grass and vegetation, and with horrible monsters. You can also meet the Secondarians there - both hostile and passive ones.


LINK TO THE MOB BLOG POST: Click here There are loads of hostile mobs in the Apocalypse. There is a complete list and stats in the Apocalypse: Mobs blog. There are also a few new mobs in the regular world, like the Ancient Spirit and the Apocalyptic Stranger.

Current mobs under development: Ancient Spirit, Apocalyptic Stranger, Angry Secondarian, Soul Spitter, Howler, Apocalypto Caster, Apocalypto Warrior, Apocalypto Shooter, Death Angel, Gross Sac, Flesh Eater, Meat Muncher, Organ Snatcher.


There are currently three planned NPCs. They are The Rebellion, The Apocadealer and The Apocawizard. The Rebellion works as a Guide in The Apocalypse, but he also sells simple Apocalyptic things. The Apocadealer and the Apocawizard are the Apocalypse variants of The Arms Dealer and The Wizard.

The Rebellion has a very friendly and brave nature. He knows you help him and other friendly Secondarians, and he wants to help you as well. He sells The Apocalypticon book, which gives you the history and basic info of the Apocalypse (or more precisely the Secondary).

The Apocadealer thinks he's the best and often calls the Arms Dealer a sissy etc. Sells the Meteoriter - a gun that shoots meteor fragments and does huge damage. Also sells many types of ammunition.





Items and Loot


Materials and Tools


Weapons and Armor