This is the Items portion of the planning of the Apocalypse Mod. This includes the materials, blocks (yeah, they count as items now), weapons, tools, accesories etc.



Souls of Recite

Means repeat aloud from memory. Drops from the Scraemr. They are white and are used in multiple spells and some Cloudium items.

Souls of Ignite

Means setting something on flames. Drops from the Pryo. They are bright red and are used in all types of fiery weapons.

Souls of Spite

Means being nasty or malicious. Also means feeling the need of seeing other suffer or as a verb to hurt others feeling. Quite nasty huh? Drops from the Blihgt. They are ugly brownish green coloured and used in unusual accessories and items.

Souls of Excite

Means arousing a feeling or raising to a higher energy field. Dropped from the main boss The Bringer. They are gold coloured and are used in many powerful items.

Souls of Trite

Means something that has been repeated too often. And it is. Dropped from a bonus-type boss The Old Guys. They are divided in three colours: orange, blue and green. (The three metallic bosses colours.)


Pre-Dark Mode Ores

Arbonium Ore

The first tier of ore in The Apocalypse. It is referrable to Copper Ore, however it is still stronger than Chlorophyte Ore and Hallowed Bars. It requires a 200% pickaxe power to mine, and is found in large groups. 3 ores makes Arbonium  or Bar. It's dark-red coloured.

Fractalium Ore

The second tier of ore in The Apocalypse, referrable to Iron Ore and/or Silver Ore. It can only be mined with an Arbonium Drill/Pickaxe or better, needing a 225% pickaxe power to mine. It takes 3 ores to make a bar. It's bright white and occures in large groups.

Stalagmitium Ore

As you can say from it's name, it only occurs on the roofs of caverns and other underground places. It can be referred to Gold Ore. It has a dirty look, mixed gray and orange colours. It needs a 230% picaxe power to mine, and takes 4 ores to make a bar.

Reactum Ore

Bright yellow ore also referrable to Gold Ore, being only a little stronger than Stalagmitium. It's found only in the stone layer and under in the Apocalypse. It needs a 230% pickaxe power to mine and needs 4 ores to make a bar.

Purevilium Ore

"Pure Evil", some say. Purevilium ore is like the Demonite Ore or Crimtane Ore of the Apocalypse. It is found in the Darkness Biome. It requires a 240% pickaxe power to mine. It is black-coloures, but shines a purple colour, making it looks very evil indeed. It's found in little groups in caves and mostly in the Darkness. It takes 4 ores to make one bar.


Schwer is evil in german by the way. Schwerstone is the Hellstone of The Apocalypse. Found in The Below, which is equalent to the Underworld. It is a fire block, inficting the Cursed Burning debuff, that deals 50 damage a second and lasts for 7 seconds. It takes 250% pickaxe power to mine. It looks much like hellstone, but darker and having black flames. It takes 4 schwerstone to make one Schwer Bar.

Dark Mode Ores

Cloudium Ore

Spawns randomly in the sky in little blobs. You mostly need a lot of good flying gear or a Gravitation Potion to get them. They are a bright grey ore, looking much like Cloud Blocks. They are not used in weapons, but you can make flying/running gear with it, as well as armor that's super mobile. It takes 200% pickaxe power to mine and 4 cloudium ores to make one Cloud Bar.

Exuberantium Ore

The Chlorophyte Ore of the Apocalypse. Found in the Buxom, which is equivalent to the Jungle. It requires 250% pickaxe power to mine, and unlike Chrolophyte, is techinally the weakest material for Dark Mode weapons/tools/armor. It's green-yellowish, and glows little green. It requires 4 ore to make a Exuberantium Bar.

Lucrimite Ore

Referrable to Cobalt Ore or Palladium Ore. Bright fudge-coloured. It requires 265% pickaxe power to mine. 4 ores make one Lucrimite Bar.

Backramite Ore

Referrable to Mythril Ore or Orichalcum Ore. Dark blue-coloured. It requires 275% pickaxe power to mine. 4 ores make one Backramite Bar.

Grallium Ore

Referrable to Adamantite Ore or Titanium Ore. Mixed colours of black, orange and blue. Requires 285% pickaxe power to mine. 5 ores make one Grallium Bar.


Referrable to Hallowed Bars. However, is mined, unlike Hallowed bars, which have no ore. Mixture colour of yellow, orange and gold. Requires 295% pickaxe power to mine. 6 ores make one God's Bar.


Strongest possible material in game. Made with Godstone gear and Souls of Trite. Super strong and fast.