This is the Mobs-portion of the Apocalypse mod idea. All specific information about mobs can be found here.


Every mob has a picture and an information box. First text tells about their movement and attacking patterns, tactics against them, rare drops etc. and the second one tells some trivia, history and behaviour.


In the Normal World

Ancient Spirit

A ghost-like enemy that spawns in The Ruin. It can pass through blocks. It's appearance and attack style is much like the Wraith. Has a 1/200 change of dropping the Ancient Sword. If you stay on the move, Ancient Spirits can't get you. However, since the Ruin has a lot of small corridors and there can be debris on your way, it's best to kill them as fast as you simply can.


  • The Ancient Spirits are all that's left from the warriors that guarded the place before it collapsed and got abandoned. Their spirits are still doing their job, even though their actual bodies have deceased ages ago.
  • The spirits do a sort of spooky whispering sound, which can be heard even if there's no Ancient Spirits around as long as you are in the Ruin.

Apocalyptic Stranger

A human-like creature that has somehow teleported to the Primary (normal world). It can only spawn after you have entered the Apocalypse through the Portal, but it will spawn anywhere after that, except on the surface at day. It spawns more frequently in The Underworld. It's very fast, and without any type of speeding accesories, buffs or armor, it will be faster than you and thus deadly. It jumps on and off walls and can climb up very fast. Has a 1/500 change of dropping the Pocket Portal.


  • They apparently use a very rare item called the Pocket Portal to get to the normal world from the Apocalypse.
  • They damage any human or animal they come by to, because it is evil-looking in their eyes.
  • Their claws are like metal and can slash meat that is not armored into pieces. They are unarmored themselves, and their only clothing is a gray, metallic belt that goes over their chest.
  • They can surpire you from jumping on your face from darkness, so beware in caves, These guys love darkness.

Red Worm

A burrowing, red and long monster that spawns in the Underworld after destroying The Bringer. It consists of a head with two glowing eyes that can be seen in the dark, twelve body segments that are identical, and a tail that has a spiky end. The head is the most damage-dealing part of the Red Worm, but it has the least defence. Both the body and the tail have more defence (40). It has a whopping 600 health, and is very speedy. It can be most easily destoryed with a spell that passes through segments or with a spear. An eay alternative way is to try to hit the worm with a sword when it's curved. They have a 1/500 change of dropping the Wormy Apple, which summons a baby worm that has wings.

  • They like darkness and heat, so The Underworld is a very fitting place for monsters like them.
  • They burrow through the ground, and make no sound, thus making them very surprising.
  • Their only senses are smell, touch and weak vision. They can't hear or taste anything, but they smell creatures and feel the vibrations on the ground when they walk around.
  • There are more of them near lava or fire blocks.

In the Apocalypse

Angry Secondarian

A secondarian that doesn't really seem to trust you. Has a musket-like weapon called the Bossket, which it can drop (1/85 change). It has a great range and it tries to run away from you whileas it shoots you. Can be a very tricky enemy if you have no speed-increasing buffs or accesories. Has 350 health, and deals 60 damage on range, and 25 on contact. It has 30 defence. Drops 4 silver and some copper.