All NPCs can be housed in the Apocalypse like the normal ones can be in the normal world. After the Bringer has been destroyed, they will all move into the normal world if you have housing for them.


The Rebellion is the Guide in the Apocalypse. He will spawn right next to the portal that you come out of in the Apocalypse. The first thing he will always say, is: "Woah! Who are you? Can you help us? Really? Great!".

After that he says random things, and there are three buttons in his speech bubble:

  • Tip - Same function as with the Guide, but about Apocalypse stuff
  • Close - Closes the bubble
  • Help - When clicked, the Rebellion will tell you tips how to get to Bringer and how to defeat him. If you have already done a certain thing, he wont say that. If you've done everything, but beaten the Bringer, he will either wish you luck or warn you that you're not ready. If you have destroyed the Bringer, this button will disappear.

He has the same stats as the normal Guide, and can be housed like him. If he dies, he will spawn back as soon as possible, sometimes right away. He can't buy or sell anything.

Rebellion's Names
  • Ash
  • Baldwin
  • Bobby
  • Calwin
  • Cedric
  • Dean
  • Earth
  • Emon
  • Frank
  • George
  • Greg
  • Harry
  • Jay
  • Jones
  • Kardey
  • Mathias
  • Nicholas
  • Nott
  • Ollie
  • Parv
  • Percival
  • Rick
  • Rodey
  • Sam
  • Sullivan
  • Tom
  • Uilliam
  • Victor
  • Willy
  • Wyen
  • Xarc
  • Zach
Rebellion's Quotes
Note: These are the quotes he will say when you click on him. This does not contain tips.


  • "It's a beutiful day, isn't it? Yeah, well not really."
  • "Do you have a sun if your world too?"


  • "What are these bunnies you talk about?"
  • "Hey there. Did you say something about another guide?"
  • "I don't understand how you fixed the portal. My dad has told me stories about it."
  • "Are you really from another world?"
  • "Yes, how can I help you?"
  • "Do you need some assistance in something?"
  • "I would really love to see the other world."
  • "What's this Corruption you're talking about?"


  • "Let's not go out, shall we. There are horrifying things out there."
  • "You thought the day was bad? Take a look outside now..."
  • "Do you have nights in your world?"
  • "You can do whatever you want, but I'm not going out there."


  • "Ahh! It's happening!"
  • "It's like my worst nightmares! Wait a sec..."
  • "Eek, those guys are disgusting!"
  • "I hope you know what's going on."


The Apocadealer is the Arms Dealer in the Apocalypse. He will spawn if you have any gun that you have looted in the Apocalypse and have valid housing for him. He will sell special guns and ammo and some of them can't be gained any other way.