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NOTE: THIS IS ALL DISCONTINUED AND MOST LIKELY NEVER BEING IMPLEMENTED This is just made for fun. Any stuff here is never going to be in a mod made by me. I just want to kind of make my own mod by adding graphics and stuff here, but not really creating it. If someone is a great modder, ask me if you would like to do something about this (However let this blog grow a bit first.) :D

New Material

Strongtite Pickaxe - Tier above Demonite Pickaxe and under Molten Pickaxe. It has a power of 80% and a speed of Fast. It can mine everything except Adamantite Ore and some other ores in the mod.


There are seven kinds of bouncies. They all dig a small hole in the ground and hop out when a player comes close. It tries to bite the player, so they can be a real menace to just started players.

Red Bouncie

Red Bouncie is the basic one from the Bouncie family. It is usually found in forests and deserts, and rarely even underground! If you see a brown "hole" or more like a pile, you know it's a bouncie, but you can't see what bouncie it is without getting it off it's hole. Red Bouncie is the weakiest from bouncers with still a whopping 20 damage and has 45 health and 5 defence. They spawn anytime and drop 1-3 Gel and 1-3 Bouncer Tooth.

Blue Bouncie

Blue Bouncie is the second most common Bouncie. It looks exacly the same as the Red one, but ithas a blue skin. It is also found in forests, deserts and very very rarely underground. They have an identical hole with Red Bouncies. They also have exacly same behavior with Red Bouncie. They deal 24 damage and have 60 health and 5 defence. They drop 2-5 Gel and 2-3 Bouncer Tooth.

Green Bouncie

Bouncy Trivia

  • It looks like Bouncies have a spring in their bottom, since they bounce, this is understandable.
  • Purple, Fire and Ghoulic Bouncies can drop 5-9 teeth, even through bouncies attempt to only have 4.
  • Bouncie comes from the word "Bounce", witch is pretty obvious.
  • They were originally named Bouncers, but then changed.