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  • CrabPieApple

    Hello Everyone, first time blogging And dunno why i do it, Just trying to waste some time to the dinner.

    So theres alot of poeple swinging around whit their dark lances now after the 1.0.6 patch. But still. Poeple are too ******** Lazy to get their own whitout hacking. Actually i got mine before 1.0.6 and i was stunned and said to everyone : "Hell yeah i found a dark lance!1!!!!111;)))" I mean, wouldn't you be happy of 6 hours searching for a damn spear? Anyway. Still dont see why poeple "Hack/Cheat" or whatever you wanna call it Poeple have their own opinions. Do they waste 10$ or 5$ on steam sale just to hack a game and 3 hours later are bored and go away? Dont throw away a good indie game. There are not so many good out there. But probab…

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