Hello Everyone, first time blogging And dunno why i do it, Just trying to waste some time to the dinner.

So theres alot of poeple swinging around whit their dark lances now after the 1.0.6 patch. But still. Poeple are too ******** Lazy to get their own whitout hacking. Actually i got mine before 1.0.6 and i was stunned and said to everyone : "Hell yeah i found a dark lance!1!!!!111;)))" I mean, wouldn't you be happy of 6 hours searching for a damn spear? Anyway. Still dont see why poeple "Hack/Cheat" or whatever you wanna call it Poeple have their own opinions. Do they waste 10$ or 5$ on steam sale just to hack a game and 3 hours later are bored and go away? Dont throw away a good indie game. There are not so many good out there. But probably i will get hater comments like : "Haha you suck n00b, i found mine the first day terraria launched in the first underworld chest!!!1" This is just a pathetic attempt try to be popular. Go to Second life and pretend your the coolest guy in the world but not here in the wonderful wonderful world of terraria or whatever you wanna call it.

Haters Gonna Hate :)