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aka Idk

  • I live in Idk
  • I was born on April 24
  • My occupation is saying idk
  • I am Boy or idk
  • Craftindiedo
    • Lunar boss.
    • Now Spectre Hood Decrease Magic Damage By 20%
    • S.D.M.G added
    • Now Dungeon Guardian pet do 10 Damage to Enemies
    • Increase Range for Bubble Gun
    • Decreased Damage taken by Duke FIshron
    • Wizard now sells the Ice Rod for 40 Gold instead of 1 platinum
    • Increased Minishark Damage from 6 to 9
    • Spazmatism Minion now Shoots an Unholy Cursed Flames GIve 35% Chance to inflict enemies on Cursed Inferno
    • Spider Armor Raised the defense from 20 to 26
    • Decreased Damage From Obsidian Swordfish from 70 to 60 and increased range
    • Now Accesories Have a new prefix Magical Increase mana by 35 
    • Venom Staff now use 20 Mana
    • Increased True Excailbur Damage from 55 to 60
    • Increased Pirate Staff Damage from 32 to 39

    so this is my ideas are this real or just the ideas? ok the lunar…

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