aka a Creeper

  • I live in Julianadorp, Netherlands
  • I was born on September 18
  • My occupation is Student, Micronationalist
  • I am a Creeper
  • CreeperCom

    Welcome to the sixth part of Bagel's adventures and shenanigans in his world!

    Continuing with his quest for molten ore, Bagel encounters all kinds of shenanigans while mining, including an attack by four demons, an attack by six hellbats and more.

    Six days later, Bagel is seen making a detour to craft some items out of the fiery hot metal the ranger has created.

    Armed with a minion, Bagel now makes another descent into Hell and he has a fun time killing while also mining there.

    Three more days later, our ranger is making another detour to craft one of the most powerful bows in the world, where this part ends.

    See above for the shenanigans.


    Damage: 37 46 49 21

    Defense: 19

    Coins: about

    Accessories equipped: Band of Regeneration, Spectre Boots, …

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  • CreeperCom

    Welcome to the fifth part of Bagel's adventures and shenanigans in his world!

    Continuing his quest he started in the last part, our ranger goes on a bit of an adventure to find Obsidian and Hellstone... and he succeeds doing so by finding another entrance into Hell.

    Some days later, as Bagel is in the midst of mining, a very loud woof is heard: a huge wall of flesh, eyes and hungry mouths has been summoned!

    Upon hearing this, what does any sensible person do with non-adequate equipment and armor? Get the bleep out! Though as this results in a death on Bagel's side, he is later able to pick up his with no problem.

    And so, the ranger continues mining Obsidian and Hellstone...

    Only one shenanigan has occurred in the last 4 days:

    • After defeating a …

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  • CreeperCom

    Welcome to the fourth part of Bagel's adventures and shenanigans in his world!

    After the recent discovery of a giant hive, our ranger goes to kill the queen of the hive inside her own hive.

    Due to the Honey present and the queen firing stingers constantly at Bagel, this was quite a challenge to perform this feat. But Bagel, with enough luck, potions and skill, successfully killed the queen and got some good stuff.

    Some days later, our ranger is seen fighting a giant skull with skeleton hands, which he managed to defeat with a little help.

    Inside the dungeon, he encounters all kinds of creepy stuff from dark skeletal mages to dragon skulls, and eventually Bagel's forced to escape the dungeon with some mining with his pickaxe, which as a result …

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  • CreeperCom

    Welcome to the third part of Bagel's adventures and shenanigans in his world!

    Please note that due to a certain shenanigan involving a self-insert, the character who self-inserted will have their sayings shown in this color.

    Our ranger, after defeating a giant eye in the last part, goes on to attempt killing a demon's brain, but it failed with a near death on Bagel's side from the sheer amount of floating eyeballs. Also, these ironically share my own name. Loool!

    Some time later, Bagel is found in one of his many caves attempting to find some more Platinum Ore and Tungsten Ore, which he successfully gains. Quite obvious, since he has quite the world to explore stuff in. Shaddap.

    More days later, our ranger goes to have a rematch with the brain. Us…

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  • CreeperCom

    Welcome to the second part of Bagel's adventures and shenanigans through his world!

    Continuing with his quest for Platinum and Lead, our ranger goes down deep in the earth in search for precious stuff, only to find a whole lot of what he wants deep down.

    Some time later, upon finding out some weird stuff has been happening to the Merchant's intended cabin, he constructs a Bed and a cabin for himself, only to find out that's not resolving it! So he goes and builds another cabin.

    More days later, he is feeling he's been watched by someone, only for a giant eye to appear minutes later. Using his skills as a ranger, he defeated it and got some blood red ore, which he used to craft a new weapon and bow.

    Two shenanigans occurred within this week:

    • Bag…

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