Welcome to the third part of Bagel's adventures and shenanigans in his world!

Please note that due to a certain shenanigan involving a self-insert, the character who self-inserted will have their sayings shown in this color.

Summary of adventures

Our ranger, after defeating a giant eye in the last part, goes on to attempt killing a demon's brain, but it failed with a near death on Bagel's side from the sheer amount of floating eyeballs. Also, these ironically share my own name. Loool!

Some time later, Bagel is found in one of his many caves attempting to find some more Platinum Ore and Tungsten Ore, which he successfully gains. Quite obvious, since he has quite the world to explore stuff in. Shaddap.

More days later, our ranger goes to have a rematch with the brain. Using his already present huge skills as a ranger, he defeats the brain and its eyeballs. He used a sword. What did I say? Shaddap!

With his new armor, he goes on to explore the Underground Jungle and find some precious things of mine some nice stuff, as well as discover a giant beehive.

Meanwhile, our warrior has found a way to insert himself into this story and steal one of Bagel's items. What he did with it is yet unknown.


Note to self: Never let a character insert themselves into the narrative or the story.


HP: 400 Heart

Damage: 22 Damagetype melee 29 Damagetype ranged 14 Damagetype magic 0 Damagetype summon

Defense: 21

Coins: 74 GoldCoin Small 35 SilverCoin Small 48 CopperCoin Small

Accessories equipped: Band of Regeneration, Cloud in a Bottle, Aglet, Sandstorm in a Bottle, Panic Necklace