Welcome to the fourth part of Bagel's adventures and shenanigans in his world!

Summary of adventures

After the recent discovery of a giant hive, our ranger goes to kill the queen of the hive inside her own hive.

Due to the Honey present and the queen firing stingers constantly at Bagel, this was quite a challenge to perform this feat. But Bagel, with enough luck, potions and skill, successfully killed the queen and got some good stuff.

Some days later, our ranger is seen fighting a giant skull with skeleton hands, which he managed to defeat with a little help.

Inside the dungeon, he encounters all kinds of creepy stuff from dark skeletal mages to dragon skulls, and eventually Bagel's forced to escape the dungeon with some mining with his pickaxe, which as a result dropped the ranger off in the lower Cavern level.

Bagel in The Underworld

Well, I guess this is Hell?

After some time and spelunking, he finds himself in the most dangerous place in the world, with lots of foes and creatures in it, quite obviously.

One day later, Bagel has found a Hellforge and some Hellstone, along with cool items which he all brings up to the surface.


Many self-insert shenanigans occurred within these 8 days. How many? Probably too many.


HP: 400 Heart

Damage: 34 Damagetype melee 29 Damagetype ranged 49 Damagetype magic 0 Damagetype summon

Defense: 19

Coins: about 1 PlatinumCoin Small 8 GoldCoin Small

Accessories equipped: Band of Regeneration, Spectre Boots, Yellow Horseshoe Balloon, Sweetheart Necklace, Lava Waders