Welcome to the sixth part of Bagel's adventures and shenanigans in his world!

Summary of adventures

Continuing with his quest for molten ore, Bagel encounters all kinds of shenanigans while mining, including an attack by four demons, an attack by six hellbats and more.

Six days later, Bagel is seen making a detour to craft some items out of the fiery hot metal the ranger has created.

Armed with a minion, Bagel now makes another descent into Hell and he has a fun time killing while also mining there.

Three more days later, our ranger is making another detour to craft one of the most powerful bows in the world, where this part ends.


See above for the shenanigans.


HP: 400 Heart

Damage: 37 Damagetype melee 46 Damagetype ranged 49 Damagetype magic 21 Damagetype summon

Defense: 19

Coins: about 1 PlatinumCoin Small 15 GoldCoin Small

Accessories equipped: Band of Regeneration, Spectre Boots, Yellow Horseshoe Balloon, Sweetheart Necklace, Lava Waders