Welcome to the second part of Bagel's adventures and shenanigans through his world!

Summary of adventures

Continuing with his quest for Platinum and Lead, our ranger goes down deep in the earth in search for precious stuff, only to find a whole lot of what he wants deep down.

Some time later, upon finding out some weird stuff has been happening to the Merchant's intended cabin, he constructs a Bed and a cabin for himself, only to find out that's not resolving it! So he goes and builds another cabin.

More days later, he is feeling he's been watched by someone, only for a giant eye to appear minutes later. Using his skills as a ranger, he defeated it and got some blood red ore, which he used to craft a new weapon and bow.


Two shenanigans occurred within this week:

  • Bagel found out the world spawn was repeatedly knocking down a house's walls.
  • Upon creation of the new cabin, the Angler proceeded to claim it for himself.


HP: 340 Heart

Damage: 22 Damagetype melee 28 Damagetype ranged 0 Damagetype magic 0 Damagetype summon

Defense: 12

Coins: about 41 GoldCoin Small

Accessories equipped: Band of Regeneration, Cloud in a Bottle, Aglet, Sandstorm in a Bottle, Panic Necklace