• Crumbled Cookie

    Got a Meteor Head farm going in the local snow biome for that Frozen Key Mold, a couple of questions came to mind...

    Firstly, in a world that is Corrupted and vice versa, can an artificial, opposite biome drop its mold? For instance, my main world has Crimson, but I have an artificial Corruption -- if I farm there, will the Corruption Key Mold drop at all, despite the fact that I don't have the Corruption Chest? (even if the Vampire Knives are super cool, I really want the Scourge -- I always love summons/minions and the idea of an army of Little Eaters is almost irresistable haha)

    Secondly, I heard that you can't stack the Campfire and the Honey regens, so which one is better? (Or are they actually stackable and I've just heard wrong?) 

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