• CrusherBumm

    Welcome to the Uncle Bumm's Shop!

    What's up guys?

    So I've got a LOT of stuff here and I thought "well, it might be useful for someone else!"

    So I decided to make a different Shop that does not accept money as payment.

    I think it is very important to say that all my items are Legit (even cuz i don't have any clue of how to dupe items ) and i think it is very important because duping takes a lot of the fun of the game, and people usually don't like to buy something that was not legally obtained.



    ALL items can and must be paid in other items.

    I'll accept items such as:

    • Souls (except Souls of Flight)
    • Adamantite Bars
    • Copper Bars
    • Iron Bars
    • Gold Bars
    • Rotten Chunks
    • Guide Voodoo Dolls
    • Lenses

    You can also offer something…

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