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    April 18, 2013 by Cryma

    Hello everyone!

    I am selling Terraria pets! (Xbox 360)

    I will accept following for payment:

    Suspicious looking skull

    Souls of Blight

    Dragon Armor

    Cabbage (Guinea Pig) 1:1 with other pet

    Pets avaible:

    Vial of Blood (Bat) (3x) - 1 Suspicious looking skull / 10 souls of blight / 1 piece of Dragon Armor each

    Petri Dish (Slime) (2x) - 1 Suspicious looking skull / 10 souls of blight / 1 piece of Dragon Armor each

    Brain (Zombie) - 2 Suspicious looking skulls / 20 souls of blight / 2 pieces of Dragon armor


    You go first (you throw me your payment, I throw you the pet summoning tool)

    If you don't have microphone, use signs

    Additional notes:

    I do not have microphone

    Trade will be done in new world

    I am usually online 15:00-22:00 (3.00 - 10.00 PM) EET

    Add me, my…

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  • Cryma


    I am going to start a play through of Terraria and I need 2 friends for it.

    It's not a regular play-through as one of the players has to choose his class, and by classes I mean like melee, magical, ranged, and there can be only one of each and they of course have to use only magic / ranged / melee weapons depending what class they are using. It's ok for magic and ranged to use melees until they get mana / weapons / ammunitation.

    If anyone wants to join this play-through, add me on steam.

    Username; Cryma You find it by "marsu_x" search.


    Microphone (WARNING; I have high pitched voice :c)

    You have to be friendly and a nice guy

    Atleast some skill in Terraria.

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