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Need play-through friends!

Cryma April 9, 2013 User blog:Cryma


I am going to start a play through of Terraria and I need 2 friends for it.

It's not a regular play-through as one of the players has to choose his class, and by classes I mean like melee, magical, ranged, and there can be only one of each and they of course have to use only magic / ranged / melee weapons depending what class they are using. It's ok for magic and ranged to use melees until they get mana / weapons / ammunitation.

If anyone wants to join this play-through, add me on steam.

Username; Cryma You find it by "marsu_x" search.


Microphone (WARNING; I have high pitched voice :c)

You have to be friendly and a nice guy

Atleast some skill in Terraria.

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