This is a page dedicated to wire, traps, and engineering expertise. I invite everyone to post their suggestions and creations, to try and make this as expansive as can be.Feel free to post your artwork on here we can't have enough artwork!

The Tools

There are two basic tools for use in engineering:

-Wire cutters (used for ripping wire out of the circuits)

-wrenches (used for laying wire from your inventory)


The Materials

There are many materials for engineering. for simplicity's sake, I will split them up into two categories: cause and effect.

Cause materials are the triggers that power our systems. There are timers, for 1, 3, and 5 second intervals, there are switches and levers, which have the same effect as eachother but just look differently, and there are pressure plates. Pressure plates come in several colors (red, green, brown, and grey) and you should use the color corresponding to your terrain, to blend in better.

Effect materials, as I have dubbed them, determine what happens when a cause material is activated. these range from statues and dart traps, to pumps and active blocks. Here is a full list of effect materials, feel free to add to it, if I have missed any.

-Dart traps

-Active and inactive stone blocks

-A variety of statues


-Light sources of all kinds (except 'deployables' like the fairy bell, glow sticks, and orbs of light)



This is a short list, but with it you can manipulate so much, and create very deadly and useful traps, tools, and systems.

Common Designs

This is a list of common concepts that are used in houses, etc. Anyone who wishes to add to the list, please do so, as I am sure that I have overlooked many.

-Disappearing floor (Self explanatory, uses only a trigger, and active/inactive stone blocks. Some people may opt to rig it to a pressure plate in the centre, which is anchored on the only stone block that won't disappear.)

-Falling boulder (Similar to the ones naturally found underground, but everyone adds their own style. You can place a block behind the spot where the boulder will land, and it will guaruntee it will roll in a set direction)

-Dart turrets (A wall of dart traps, spaced or consecutive, triggered by a pressure plate in front of it or a switch behind it)

-Land mines (A pressure plate rigged to a pack of explosives separated by a single block. Use caution with this, it is destructive to the terrain and triggered quite commonly by rabbits, etc.)

-fountains/wellsprings (this requires only an input pump and an output pump, and a trigger. works best on a timer. use caution with this, the output amount is slightly larger than the input amount)

-Lights (Self explanatory, uses only a light source and a trigger)

-Doors (Self explanatory, uses only a door and a trigger. Doors with wire running directly beside will be closed by those circuits, but not opened)

-Concealed areas (If you make your home out of stone, you can easily and discreetly create hidden rooms and entrances with active stone blocks.)

-Factories (Using timers and 'effect materials', you can create factories to produce many things. Using statues, you can summon monsters to produce glowsticks, goldfish, money, etc. Using pumps, you can have an unlimited supply of water, lava, and obsidian)

Obsidian Farm


Some circuits and machines are really just variants of others, having the same effect with a different result. Some examples are:

-Airlock doors (Active s'one blocks rigged to a nearby switch to ensure that no lava, water, possessed armour, werewolves, etc. get through. This is reminiscent of the concealed area mechanism)

-Killing rooms (Similar in a sense to the dart walls, these are small cubbies cut into the ground, or wherever you like, and lined with dart traps at every height, and a floor made of pressure plates. Some people may opt for a bit of lava to strengthen the proverbial 'DPS')

-'Vending machines' (These are statues of bombs, hearts, and stars, that are rigged to timers or pressure plates to dispense their respective items when activated. Similar to factories, but generally smaller.)

As always, feel free to add to the list, but make sure everything is where it belongs.

Complex and Large-Scale Creations

Some circuits and designs are too large to properly fit with the rest of them. These are my personal favourites, and I'll be happy to provide details.

-Explosive mountainside (My base is situated with a large cliff face to the east of it, so as soon as I discovered explosives and engineering, I rigged it to blow up at the flick of a switch. Later on I hollowed out the area behind it and filled it with lava. It is not subtle, it is hard to 'reload', it makes a terrible mess of the landscape, and it is an excellent showpiece)

-Obsidian production factory (Beneath my base is a large facility with three tanks. One is full of water, and the other full of lava. It is rigged to fill the last tank with both at the same time, producing a large amount of obsidian at the push of a timer. Both the lava and the water are wired to output pumps at the top of each tank, so that I can activate another timer and reproduce more lava and water with no effort or time.)

-Falling lava trap (My masterpiece, this is a large chamber, 2108 squares [68*31] filled with lava and cut into segments by active and inactive stone blocks, alternating layer by layer, each spaced five squares apart. Upon pushing a switch, it releases the bottom layer of lava [with dirt blocks spaced apart, so the lava flows slower and covers more area], seals the chamber so no lava [or enemies] can get out, and causes the floor to disappear, allowing the lava to well up inside. upon pushing the switch again, it reverses the process, allowing the walls to be passable, the floor to reappear, and the lava to drain into a runoff chamber, filled with pumps to refill the top chamber, which reloads the trap.)

Tips and Techniques

No guide would be complete without a section on common and clever strategies. Here I am listing my common techniques, and favourite tips. I invite everyone to add theirs.

-dart traps can fire through one block, but only if that block is directly next to them.

-in a dart wall, space the traps apart from eachother by one block each. this way you can have dart traps one block behind them, alternating with the front ones, and rigged to two separate cause materials. the spacing is to avoid overlapping the wire, and to allow both dart walls to fire independent of the other and their cooldown.

-falling boulder traps can be set to roll in a desired direction by setting a block next to where it will land.

-output pumps produce a bit more liquid than input pumps provide.