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  • DT.hak

    hey guys! im back, with another freedom mod idea!

    this is one of the biomes that i created for the freedom mod.

    the strife biome! (name may be changed at a later date)

    the strife biome is created wherever the corruption and hallow meet. it does NOT matter whether it is underground, or aboveground.

    this biome spreads at 1/10 the speed of the corruption pre-hardmode.

    the monsters in the strife biome are INCREDIBLY strong, with HP ranging from 1100 to 6500.

    this biome also has a very high spawn rate, (that of the water candle and battle potion combo) so getting a break would not be very easy.

    in this biome, you can encounter monsters from the corruption and hallow, (obviously) along with several new monsters that only appear in this biome.

    some of th…

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  • DT.hak

    hey guys. i know its not common to have two posts in one day, but i thought of something, and i really like the idea, so i am posting this now so i dont forget it. here is is:

    the 3rd freedom mod armor: warp armor! (name subject to change)

    you craft it at an abyssal alter (crafted at a regular anvil from a demon alter *note:they can be picked up in this mod* and 5 thorns of the abyssal)

    here is what you need to craft the warp armor:

    warp mask:

    1 adamantite mask

    15 soul of reversal (part of the freedom mod)

    1 thorns potion

    40 soul of fright

    1 crystal

    gives 40 defense, set bonus: "damage you take will also be received by the one who gave it"


    warp chestplate:

    1 adamantite b…

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  • DT.hak

    hey guys! im releasing another armor from the freedom mod!

    this armor is....the obsidian armor!

    you craft it at a mythril anvil. this is how you craft it:

    obsidian helmet:

    55 obsidian

    30 cobweb

    1 mythril helmet

    30 soul of night

    1 obsidian skin potion

    20 defense, set bonus: "full immunity to lava and fire blocks"


    obsidian chainmail:

    99 obsidian

    50 cobweb

    1 mythril chainmail

    45 soul of night

    5 obsidian skin potion

    35 defense, set bonus: "full immunity to lava and fire blocks"


    obsidian leggings:

    25 obsidian

    20 cobweb

    1 mythril greaves

    10 soul of night

    1 obsidian skin potion

    10 defense, set bonus: "full …

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  • DT.hak

    hey guys! after today's earlier announcement about the freedom mod, i thought i should let you guys know about one of the new armors you would be able to get from the mod!

    the armor i am going to let you know about right now is....the inversion armor!

    you craft the inversion armor at a mythril anvil. here is what each armor piece is, what you need to craft it, and the stats of the armor.

    the inversion helm:

    1 cobalt helmet

    1 gravitation potion

    15 feathers

    30 soul of flight

    15 crystals

    1 reversal crystal (part of the freedom mod)

    gives 15 defence, set bonus: "allows wearer to invert gravity"


    the inversion cloak:

    1 cobalt breastplate

    2 gravitation potions

    20 feathers

    35 soul …

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  • DT.hak

    hey guys. you know how lately i have been posting MOD ideas right? well, i thought that i would release the MOD name, as well as a list of several of the items you would be able to get in the MOD. like i have said before, i suck at making MOD's. if you like this MOD idea, post something on my talk page about making it and ill get back to you about it!

    ok, the MOD name is.......(drum roll please)

    the FREEDOM MOD!

    the the freedom MOD is quite an expansive MOD, which adds:

    5 new ores

    4 new bosses

    270+ items

    3 new crafting stations

    5 new armor sets

    150+ new mobs

    5 new NPC's

    the ability to increase life past 400

    the ability to increase mana past 200

    multiple inventory pages (because i know people complain about not having enough inventory space)

    150+ new weapo…

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