hey guys. you know how lately i have been posting MOD ideas right? well, i thought that i would release the MOD name, as well as a list of several of the items you would be able to get in the MOD. like i have said before, i suck at making MOD's. if you like this MOD idea, post something on my talk page about making it and ill get back to you about it!

ok, the MOD name is.......(drum roll please)


the the freedom MOD is quite an expansive MOD, which adds:

5 new ores

4 new bosses

270+ items

3 new crafting stations

5 new armor sets

150+ new mobs

5 new NPC's

the ability to increase life past 400

the ability to increase mana past 200

multiple inventory pages (because i know people complain about not having enough inventory space)

150+ new weapons

30+ new spells

the freedom mod also increases max stacks for all items, the 250 stacks would increase to 500, the 99 stacks would increase to 150, and the items the dont stack, would be given the ability to stack up to 50. *note: things with special stacks like dynamite, will stack up to 100.*

this is in response to the shatter mechanism, as people have been complaning about how you can fit all the stuff into your inventory.

guys, i will keep posting things about this MOD, but remember, unless someone contacts me about working on this, this MOD might never actually exist. if you have ideas about this MOD that you think you might want in it, post something on my talk page and ill contact you about it. cant wait for feedback about the freedom MOD. i hope you all support the making of this MOD and people like me who would love to see this MOD exist. i hope you enjoyed this announcement, and cant wait to hear what you think. <3