hey, im back with another mod idea. like with my other ideas,if you have a mod and want to use my ideas just post something on my talk page and ill respond when i get around to it.

but here is my idea:

rec0rd crafted at a regular/mythril anvil.

crafted from:

10 soul of light

5 crystal shards

100 fallen stars

1 needle of the ascended (another MOD idea im coming up with)

25 wires

when you craft it you can use it to actually rewind in-game time back 5 hours (again in-game, which equals about 5 minuets in real life) this is very useful for grinding, as you can warp back 5 min (note: this does NOT work for boss battles, the broken Rec0rd does that) and re-collect any ore or items you find, as anything in your inventory is unaffected. however, things in chests will be affected, but things in a safe or piggy back will not.

the counterpart to this is the broken Rec0rd, which is crafted at a regular/mythril anvil.

you craft a broken Rec0rd with:

1 Rec0rd

1 thorn of the abysmal (another MOD idea im working on right now)

10 soul of night

when you craft it, you can use it to warp in-game events (things that appear as phrases in the bottom left corner of the screen. this does not count for deaths) back in time 10 minuets. this basically does what the rec0rd does, but with game events. (e.g. a goblin army happens, you use a broken Rec0rd and you go back to before the goblin army attacked)

so let me know what you think, ill get to posting some other stuff soon. can wait for your feedback. <3